‘Taga-isla lang’: Andi Eigenmann, defended her boyfriend from bashers and critics

‘Taga-isla lang’: Andi Eigenmann, defended her boyfriend from bashers and critics

MANILA – Actress Andi Eigenmann gave her reaction to those who criticized her boyfriend Philmar Alipayo for being a provincial.

In Andi and Philmar’s latest vlog on the subject of their relationship, the two became open about the humiliation of Philmar by other people when they answered the question of whether it is difficult to have a celebrity wife.

“At first (mahirap) because people will come to me, bashing me,” Philmar admitted.

“Parang bakit ‘yung Pilipino sa tingin nila ‘yung itsura ng Pilipino pangit, like my partner’s maitim. Hello that’s so nice tan. You have a nice skin,” Andi said.

“Walang taong pangit, ang pangit lang is ‘yung ugali,” Philmar added.

Andi admits that she did not expect anyone to criticize her boyfriend just because he is a provincial.

“I didn’t expect that, because of me, people would be saying bad or mean or negative things to Philmar, just because of his skin color and also because he’s from the province,” said Andi.

Andi added: “He said to me before when we we’re still dating, sabi niya, ‘People don’t like us to be together kasi taga-isla lang ako.’ He said that to me, oh my God! I said to him, ‘Taga-isla ka lang? Don’t ever say that that’s a ‘lang’ because to me, you guys are the richest people on earth, to be surrounded by such beauty, nature, and living in paradise like this.’ That’s why I feel so lucky,” said Andi.

Andi said, she hopes that some people will lose the belief that if you are from the province you will not be successful or your life will be good and you will not be happy.

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