Threats to end VFA if ‘US can’t give COVID-19 vaccines,’ unnecessary – Robredo

Vice President Leni Robredo addresses the nation

Vice President Leni Robredo addresses the nation

Vice President Leni Robredo believes that President Rodrigo Duterte does not need to threaten to end the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) in the United States if they fail to provide COVID-19 vaccines to the Philippines.

Robredo said that President Duterte’s threat against America is not necessary if the Philippine program is in order when it comes to buying vaccines against COVID-19.

There are many things that are not needed in today’s times such as fighting that has “no basis” because she said it does not help the problem facing the country in the midst of the pandemic.

For now, the dialogue continues between the Philippines and Pfizer, Moderna and other manufacturers for the supply of COVID-19 vaccines.

According to Robredo, what the government should do now is focus on providing important information to the public regarding the vaccination program instead of threatening other countries.

In this way, the vice president said that it will help to make people comfortable with the long-awaited vaccine against COVID-19.

Malacanang had earlier denied that Duterte blackmailed the US, saying that the President was only insisting on Philippine independent foreign policy.

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