2 dead in burned bus in QC: passenger allegedly burned the bus conductor?

2 dead in burned bus in QC

A fire broke out in a passenger bus along the Commonwealth, Quezon City this first Sunday of 2021, leaving two dead.

According to the initial report of the Bureau of Fire Protection-Quezon City, it was conductor Amelene Sembana and an unknown man.

According to Valentino Obligasion, a 45-year-old driver of the Fairview Bus with plate number NAL 6673 and body number 1606, a male passenger poured something on his conductor causing the blaze.

The story of passenger Jennifer Lutao, the man poured the conductor of the suspected gas into a small bottle.

According to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, the burning vehicle on Pearl Drive Commonwealth was reported around 12:00 noon.

It was declared fire out at 1:20 pm based on SF03 Francisco Mabunga of the Central Fire Station-QC.

It is still unknown if the unidentified corpse was the one who fought with the conductor.

It is said that the fire spread quickly due to the amount of plastic barrier and the fire extinguisher was not enough to extinguish it.

It is known that the incident happened while it was raining heavily all day.

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