Sen. Go to fellow gov’t officials: Let’s put aside politics during the COVID-19 pandemic

Senator Bong Go
Senator Bong Go
Senator Bong Go

Sen. Bong Go once again called on fellow government officials for unity and put aside politics during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sen. Go, he understands the role of the opposition so he and President Rodrigo Duterte just continue to work to fulfill their mandate to the people until the last day of the term.

“Sa mga kababayan ko, sana po magtulungan po tayo. Sino ba naman ang magtutulungan kundi tayo lang po. Kung mag aaway-away pa po tayo, wala pong mangyayari sa atin,”said Sen. Go.

According to Sen. Go, let’s not mix politics with the pandemic first because we will not have any political talks if this crisis is not over.

The senator, on the other hand, said that he respects his fellow legislators despite their political affiliation due to their extensive experience in legislation and public service while he considers himself a neophyte or novice in the political arena.

“In fairness, sa lahat ng opposition senators, kina Sir Frank Drilon, respetado po ‘yan. Sabi ko nga 22 years na siya, ako neophyte palang, marami kaming matutunan sa kanya… Even Sen. Kiko and Sen. Risa, marami kami matutunan (sa kanila), nirerespeto ko po mga yan.”

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