Nearly 2,000 additional Nat’l Guard soldiers, deployed to Minneapolis – authorities

Rest in Power George Floyd

The state of Minnesota plans to send nearly 2,000 additional National Guards to help maintain order in the city of Minneapolis.

It is still not fair that the citizens of the country are committing acts of protest following the brutal execution of Black American George Floyd.

Major General Jon Jensen of the Minnesota National Guard said they would likely send 1,700 National Guard soldiers to Minneapolis and the city of Saint Paul on Sunday.

“At the conclusion of tomorrow, I believe that we will have over 1,700 soldiers in support of the Department of Public Safety in the city of Minneapolis and the city of Saint Paul,” Jensen said.

So far, Minnesota Department of Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington said they have deployed 2,500 officers to improve the situation in the city.

About 50 people have also been arrested in Minneapolis for ongoing rallies.

Harrington said their operations are focused on downtown and the 5th Precinct area.

“We recognized that we simply did not, even with the numbers that I’m talking about, have enough officers and personnel to meet all of those missions safely and successfully. We picked missions based on our capacity, ”Harrington said.

Meanwhile, Portland and local authorities have declared rioting again when residents have been asked to move into their home.

The police warned that if they did not come next they would have gas and other items thrown away.

Portland is one of 20 cities in the United States that has recorded “significant vandalism”.

According to police, demonstrators also raided and burned the Justice Center in Portland. (CNN)

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