NBI raids cybersex den in Santiago City

NBI raids cybersex den in Santiago City


The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Isabela has identified the real owners of a cyber pornhub in Santiago City that they attacked on Friday, July 24, 2020.

According to Provincial Director Timoteo Rejano of NBI-Isabela, the real owners of the ILINK BPO Center who were later found to be cybersex facilities were Wilbert Tolentino, Warley Garcia, Jun Bryan Gorez, Allan and Mark Santos who were all businessmen fromĀ  the province of Nueva Ecija.

He said that because the evidence obtained was strong, the inquest prosecutor decided not to recommend bail to temporarily release the accused. They are now preparing a case of violation of the Anti-Human Trafficking Law and CyberCrime Prevention Act of 2012 against the aforementioned businessmen as well as their Isabela operations manager Leonard Llena.

Meanwhile, Rejano advised the Santiago city government that before issuing a permit, the real business will be determined.

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