Duque in the Senate: ‘Be fair’ in the PhilHealth mess investigation

DOH Secretary DUQUE

Health Sec. Francisco Duque III in the Senate to be fair in its ongoing investigation into the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) controversy.

The secretary made another move after Senate President Vicente Sotto III included him in the list of the most accused due to alleged irregularities within state-run health insurance.

“These are not normal times and it is not easy for me to just accept all the blows hurled at me. I attended the Senate hearing to cooperate with the Senate in ascertaining the truth. ”

“I am disappointed though that the Senate has recommended the filing of charges against me.”

The secretary stressed that he did not sign or participate in the deliberation of the question in question now Resolution No. 2515 of PhilHealth on March 31.

According to Duque, only President Duterte can say if he will remain in office. This is despite the fact that the findings of the Senate inquiry are still being designed to remove him from the DOH.

“If my service is no longer needed, I will go but I will clear the name of my father first because I have not casued any injury to the government and to the Filipinos.”

“We may have differences in policies, but I continue to do my duties despite the attack made against my person. I just want to work honorably. ”

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