Dennis Garcia, a Hotdog Member, Dies at 69

Dennis Garcia, one of the the bassist and founding member of the Manila Sound pioneer Hotdog. The legendary band’s timeless hits including “Manila” which was prominently featured in the 2019 SEA Games. The OPM icon was 69 years old.

“For those of you who knew my father, it grieves me to inform you all that he passed away tonight. We will keep you posted regarding the details of the wake,” wrote his youngest daughter Isa on Facebook.

She added, “Our grief at his sudden passing is infinite and now so is he. Thank you for being with us through this difficult time.”

On her Instagram account, Isa also paid tribute to her late father and said it’s been a privilege to be his daughter.

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I am writing a book and this is an unedited part of it. I wish my dad got to read it. Hug your papas tight for me. I miss mine so much already. *** My father seems stoic and unemotional but you should see him up on stage. Hand him a bass guitar and suddenly he’s transported back to the 70’s, back to his days of rockstar glory, when music hung in the air like a revolution. My father is soft. His face might betray it but he’s sentimental and sensitive, so deeply connected to the stirrings of the human heart. He can appreciate a good story and any time he finds one, he’ll message me on Facebook just to tell me all about it. People say that I look like my mom but my heart and my mind, for better and for worse, operate a lot like my dad. I say I can’t change it but perhaps the truth is that I really don’t want to. I want the little things to remind me, for the rest of my life, of the privilege it has been to be Dennis Garcia’s daughter.

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