Beauty queen wife of KC Montero, excited about the upcoming birth

Beauty queen wife of KC Montero, excited about the upcoming birth

2007 Miss World New Zealand Stephanie Dods is feeling mixed emotions at the scheduled birth this coming December.

The said beauty queen is 22 weeks pregnant or about five months pregnant with a baby boy as the eldest of her celebrity husband KC or Casey Wyatt Montero Miller in real life.

Steph posted her topless photo where she saw her baby bump and just covered her chest.

“Never have I ever felt more beautiful, more excited, more anxious .. more grateful. Mom and dad have been praying for you for a while and we are so excited to meet you come December my little bub, ”he captioned the photo.

According to the 42-year-old American TV host / radio jockey, he is thankful to his wife who was able to give up eating habits for a healthier pregnancy.

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Your strength and light never cease to amaze me. You grow more beautiful with each passing day and my love and admiration along with it. —————— Through the miracle of life you are growing another life; our little boy and I couldn’t be more thankful. —————— Thank you for giving your body, thank you for giving up sugar and thank you for giving up pizza every week. Thank you for having patience as I play around to become a 40 year old gamer. But most of all, thank you for making me a father. ————— Thank you for choosing me in this life changing journey. The best parts are still to come and im so thankful that I get to do it all with you. —————- To our little boy inside that tummy. If you hear a low hum, thats just me talking to you. ————— We love you and can’t wait to finally meet you come December.

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It is estimated that the beauty queen was pregnant when she was arrested by Montero and hundreds of others at a rooftop bar in Makati in June.

It was learned that the couple was only going to have dinner when the raid happened.

However, the issue of violating the social distancing protocol was the reason for the arrest of the authorities and no party drug was confiscated.

In 2019, the ex-husband of celebrity Geneva Cruz married the beauty queen.

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