‘We’re going to win this race with a clear majority’ – Biden

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden has now declared his victory as the next president of the United States.

Biden made the statement in Wilmington, Delaware, despite not counting the number of remaining states.

Based on American projections ahead of Biden in Nevada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia.

Whatever the final vote in the aforementioned swing states, Biden will get 270 electoral votes or more.

According to the Democratic presidential candidate, they are feeling very good now because they know when the counting of the two of them by Sen. Kamala Harris will be the winner of the recent election.

However, Biden clarified that they have not yet announced a final victory.

But he said it is clear that they will get the majority and it will take another 300 electoral votes.

It allegedly shows that the whole country is behind them.

“We are going to win this race. Just look at what has happened since yesterday, ”said Biden while he was next to Harris. “Twenty four hours we were behind in Georgia, now we’re ahead, and we are going to win that state. Twenty four hours ago we were behind in Pennsylvania, and we are going to win Pennsylvania. And now we are ahead, but we are winning in Arizona, we’re winning in Nevada, and in fact our lead just doubled in Nevada. We’re on track for over 300 electoral votes, electoral college votes. And look at the national numbers. We’re going to win this race with a clear majority, with the nation behind us. ”

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