VP Robredo pays tribute to COVID-19 Frontliners on Nat’l Heroes Day: ‘Be kind and be brave’

Vice President Leni Robredo addresses the nation
Vice President Leni Robredo addresses the nation on COVID-19

Vice President Leni Robredo also joined in paying tribute to the heroes this National Heroes Day.

In his message, VP Leni said that apart from the heroes we have known and grown up with, the greatness of others who sacrifice in the midst of various crises can also be considered unique.

“We honor today the many heroes who struggled, fought, sacrificed for our nation; who spoke truth to power and braved death or persecution; who exhibited courage, and in so doing, helped chart our destiny as a people. ”

“We honor not one or a few names, but the countless others who were, or continue to be, animated by the same imperatives that drive us in times of crisis: Love those beyond your immediate circle; expand these circles to go beyond family or friends; care for the community, care for the country. Do this, despite fear and uncertainty. Fight, if necessary; do not shrink from struggle or sacrifice. Be kind and be brave. ”

The vice president paid tribute to the medical professionals, uniformed officers, government officials and volunteers who took the lead in addressing the country’s crisis due to coronavirus disease.

“As we face COVID-19 and its terrible effects, the spirit of our heroes lives within each of us, especially those in the frontlines of pandemic response: Medical professionals, community leaders, government workers and those from the uniformed services, volunteers, and the common Filipino ready and willing to expand the reach of their compassion. ”

According to the vice president, the courage shown by the heroes during times of severe trials such as the current COVID-19 pandemic should inspire every Filipino.

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