Underwater cross construction in Olango Island will be the largest underwater cross in the world

FB/Junard “Ahong” Chan

CEBU CITY – Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Junard “Ahong” Chan confirmed that a large underwater cross is still being built in Barangay Tingo, on the island of Olango.

According to Chan, they plan to have a world record from Guinness to become the “largest underwater cross” in the world.

Olango Island plans to surpass the country with a record holder that is only 100 meters long.

The underwater cross is made from corals with the intention of being home to thousands of fish and other underwater sea creatures.

Chan added that the underwater cross will serve as an inspiration because the Cebuanos have been able to cope with the severe challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Its project will help the island and the people to earn and provide employment and to attract Olango Island to foreign tourists.

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