Recycled face shields and woven face masks were worn and introduced by Catriona and Miss Earth-Ph candidates

Philippine Handwoven Fabric Inspired Makeup Looks ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ญ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’‹

Despite the advocacy of aspiring and once beauty queens, they seem to be a common denominator in promoting the continuity of fashion with the introduction of the “new normal” caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Just like the 2018 Miss Universe Catriona Magnayon Gray is redefining the country’s own product specifically the three Filipino fabrics inabel, inaul, and yakan mask.

On her Instagram, Catriona showed off her makeup and her choice of hand woven face mask.

If you remember the face mask of the 26-year-old Pinay beauty Bicol, Mak Tumang’s “lava” design will go with the “lava” concept during the 2018 Miss Universe coronation. Catriona’s “lava walk” and slow-mo twirl also wore her pink swim suit attire.

Also discussed is Gray’s brilliant red gown which is a clear symbol of the Mayon Volcano.

Several Miss Earth-Philippines candidates also first showdown this year in the production of face shield made from recycled materials.

For Iloilo’s China Jade Chu, not everyone is afforded to buy protective gear so there is an โ€œeco friendlyโ€ suggestion to try plastic bottles as a face shield. In the image of the Ilonggo bet on Miss Earth Philippines, it can be seen cutting the top part of a large plastic bottle before it seems to be opened and sewn to the side to remove sharp textures.

Like Catriona, Roxanne Baeyens of the Cordillera Region supports her view of being โ€œprotected and craftyโ€ in what seems to be a longstanding community quarantine in much of the country.

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