Penumbral Eclipse will be witnessed in the Philippines later

6 June 2020 — Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

This morning on Saturday, June 6, Filipinos will witness a Penumbral Eclipse according to PAGASA. During this penumbral lunar eclipse, the Earth’s main shadow does not cover the Moon. As the Earth’s shadow (umbra) misses the Moon during a penumbral lunar eclipse, there are no other locations on Earth where the Moon appears partially or totally eclipsed during this event. A penumbral lunar eclipse can be a bit hard to see as the shadowed part is only a little bit fainter than the rest of the Moon.

6 June 2020 — Penumbral Lunar Eclipse All times are local time (PHT) for Manila.

According to the weather bureau, people do not need eye protection to avoid eclipse as it is safe to watch.

However, PAGASA warns that cloudy skies may affect the Filipino astronomical event.

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