Palace: PhilHealth is unlikely to collapse by 2022

Secretary Roque
PhilHealth is unlikely to collapse by 2022

MalacaƱang did not agree with the statement made by the PhilHealth official at the Senate hearing that by 2022, the corporation may collapse due to the decline in its collection as benefit payouts continue to rise amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque said that as one of the proponents of Universal Healthcare Law, they do not consider PhilHealth premiums as the only reason to keep this health insurance alive. .

According to Sec. Roque, they know that free medicine and free treatment will not be possible if PhilHealth will only spend on premiums.

Sec. Roque that in case PhilHealth runs out of money, the government can provide funding for it and this is why it is called universal health care and not medical insurance

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