New evidence to prove that COVID-19 is said to be infertile in men, experts share

covid-19 update

covid-19 update

Health experts from the United States shared with the public the new information they gathered that allegedly proves that COVID-19 has a great effect on the fertility of men.

In the study, the study age was matched to 105 fertile men without COVID-19 and 84 men diagnosed with coronavirus.

Experts studied their semen for 60 days with a 10-day interval in each.

They found high inflammation and oxidative stress in the sperm cells of male coronavirus diseases compared to healthy men.

The virus also affects their sperm concentration, mobility, as well as their sperm shape.

According to experts, the inferrtility of men also depends on how severe their disease is.

Despite this, Dr. assured. Alison Murdoch, head of the Newcastle Fertility Center at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom, found no evidence that doctors could transmit the virus to men ‘s semen or if a deadly virus could infect a person through semen.

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