Netizens slammed veteran actress Vivian Velez for calling VP Leni “BOBA”

Vivan Velez and  VP Leni Robredo
Netizens slammed Vivian Velez over post against VP Leni Robredo.

VIVIAN VELEZ – She is a veteran Filipina actress, one of the supporters of the current administration and known critic of several personalities. Vivian Velez speaks against Vice President Leni Robredo calling her “BOBA”. Veteran actress Vivian Velez slammed Vice President Leni Robredo’s speech in her livestream on social media.

 “The worst political branding… it’s so fake. Obviously, they want to make her look smarter (kasi nga boba) with those glasses on and books on the table, not to mention the color choice of her outfit,”exclaimed Velez.

Vivian belittled Robredo’s eyeglasses and violet-colored clothes, as well as books lying on the Vice table and visible on the side of the camera frame.

“Ano ‘to, shooting? Playing ‘the president’ daw sya?,” she added.

The actress is under fire from netizens after she lambasted Vice President Leni Robredo’s outfit in her speech and calling her “BOBA”. The actress is trending on social media and many have reacted to her criticisms of VP Leni.

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