Manila Bay is now a clear turquoise blue amid the COVID-19 lockdown — take a look

The COVID-19 pandemic has crippled Metro Manila and is ricocheting its way around the globe. But amid the fear and sickness, Philippines country-wide quarantine has had at least one uplifting consequence: Manila Bay’s usually dark, murky waterways have turned noticeably more clear. 

Factory shutdowns, travel bans and a squeeze on demand spell economic disaster, but it isn’t all bad news for the environment. The usual murky water of Manila Bay clears up in some areas as the natural harbor rests from usual human activities amid the country-wide enhanced community quarantine last week.

Photo credit: John Angue / Facebook

Parang ang linis ng Manila Bay ngayon ano? Boracay level!” Angue wrote on his Facebook account.

After looking at those breathtaking photos that surprised many netizens as well that it would soon have over 16k reactions and more than 24k shares. Everyone just loved the picture of this beautiful Manila Bay.

Some Netizens entertains doubt about the authenticity of the photos, but Angue make it clear that it is not edited and really is for real.

Here are more photos from netizen Arnel Natnat, originally posted by Jenny Francisco:

Photo credit: Jenny Francisco / Facebook
Photo credit: Jenny Francisco / Facebook

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