‘Mañanita’ celebrant PNP chief Sinas to the policemen: ‘Lets Volt In,’ mga tiwali lagot kay ‘Voltes 5’

General Debold Sinas
General  Debold Sinas

Gen. Debold Sinas formally assumed himself as the 25th PNP chief after Gen. retired from service. Camilo Pancratius-Cascolan.

President Rodrigo Duterte was unable to attend the ceremony which is why DILG Sec. Eduardo Año administered the change of command ceremony.

In Sinas’ speech, he laid out his programs but assured that the projects and programs started by their predecessors will continue.

Sinas, on the other hand, called on the men and women of the PNP to unite.

He said,“Lets Volt In” daw sa pagsusulong ng kapayapaan bilang mga frontliners, ang mga hindi makikiisa at sumuporta si “Voltes 5” daw ang mag-e-evict sa kanila.

Sinas’ apparent fan base in ‘Voltes V’ was rooted in the popularity of the Japanese anime television series in the late seventies.

The super robot ‘Voltes V’ became very popular in the Philippines.

At the height of the turn-over of command program while raising the flag of Sinas, it was accompanied by the theme song of “Voltes V.”

In his speech, he reminded that a policeman should work based on their mandate.

Sinas also stressed that he will strictly enforce the “no take policy” especially the money that comes from illegal drugs, illegal gambling and other illegal activities.

He said he will intensify his campaign against illegal drugs, illegal gambling, insurgency, terrorism and corruption.

The days of ninja cops and narco cops are also numbered because this is one of the priorities of his leadership.

He also said that he will increase all drug enforcement units in various police units so that high value targets and individuals can be arrested.

In the terrorism campaign, Sinas assured that the PNP is ready to fight the terrorists.

Sinas also strictly forbids officials from playing golf during office hours.

He said Sinas will also continue the internal cleansing campaign by empowering local commanders to fully discipline corrupt personnel.

To sustain the PNP’s victory in the fight against crime, police visibility will be intensified with 85 percent of PNP forces on the streets.

Meanwhile, Sec. Año si retired Gen. Cascolan that even though he was only two months as PNP chief, he did a lot especially for the sake of the police and the campaign against COVID-19.

Despite the pandemic, the PNP is still fulfilling its mandate especially in law enforcement and public safety.

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