Kris Aquino, COVID scare after her driver tested positive

kris aquino

Kris Aquino does not want to be complacent even though the result of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) is negative.

Yesterday, the 49-year-old TV host / actress shared that one of her drivers was COVID positive, causing the re-taping to be affected.

According to the former presidential sister, on November 3, their entire team underwent a “PCR” test while in their quaratine mode and here they also received the news that COVID hit the unnamed driver.

She said they did not include it and he was not the one driving it, but it was dedicated to picking up and delivering to the homeschooling teacher of the youngest child Bimby.

“.. he regularly picks up members of my team from their homes, and normally when I need to bring many things & we’re a complete group, he drives our 2nd vehicle,” she added in a nice IG post.

Because of this, the team of the so-called Queen of All Media chose to pack up first to monitor health even though they have the option to wear personal protective equipment & N95 masks.

Kris admits, she experienced dry cough, sore throat, headache, sinus congestion, extreme fatigue, and high blood pressure, which reached the point where she lost her voice.

It was learned that although there was a COVID scare for the first time this August, it was said that more people were involved in this opportunity so the anxiety also increased.

“The client was informed immediately, i didn’t do my pre-shoot recording on the 4th, on the 5th we all did the antigen test and we were still all negative.”

“3 PM earlier we all did a PCR test on my team, I can’t sleep waiting for the results… Thank You God- for now we are okay. November 10, one more test for Team Kris to be totally CLEARED. ”

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