Just In: Facebook takes down ‘Mocha Uson Blog’

Just In: Facebook takes down ‘Mocha Uson Blog’

Deputy Executive Director at the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) Mocha Uson was shocked when Facebook deleted her fb page (Mocha Uson Blog)

The said social media platform had been taking down dubious accounts and unfortunately for Mocha Uson her Facebook Page was included.

Uson is known to be affiliated with the present administration and she is vocal in showing his support to the current president.

Just like any other showbiz personalities and politicians, he also uses her social media account to express her thoughts and opinion.

However, she can no longer use his Facebook Page to share what on her mind.

Based on the trending news on twitter, #MochaUsonisOverParty the FB page of Mocha Uson has been deleted.

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