IATF, assembling churches for holy mass service – DoJ

Presented today by Justice Sec. Menardo Guevarra talks with the inter agency task force (IATF) and representatives of the religious sector.

This is to address the concerns of some churches in relation to the massing of places in the community now in the community quaratine.

According to Justice Usec. Markk Perete, listen to and consult the religious sectors before issuing guidelines.

Earlier, religious groups at the IATF were asked to issue new guidelines regarding mass gatherings.

The IATF has been reluctant to revoke the guidelines for conducting mass gatherings, which is why churches are also joining forces.

“The IATF will conduct a dialogue with the religious sector tomorrow to listen to the concerns of the various churches and to consult with them in the formulation of new guidelines on public worship and religious service as the country moves forward from one community quarantine regime to another . the secretary of justice will preside over the dialogue, ”Perete said.

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