Gretchen is a proud DDS; She did not know the #OustDuterteNow protest

Gretchen is a proud DDS

Gretchen Barretto once again flaunted the proud audience of being a proud DDS (diehard Duterte supporter).

This is after a social media post spread calling for the ouster of President Rodrigo Duterte.

The said post allegedly came from a Twitter user with the handle name @realgretchenb and was obviously an anti-Duterte because of what he was posting against the government.

“I AM PRO DUTERTE!” That is what the actress emphasized with matching three fist bump emojis which is one of President Duterte’s trademark hand gestures.

Gretchen denied that the viral tweet with the hashtag “#oustdutertenow” came from her.

“This is a FAKE Twitter ACCOUNT! I DO NOT HAVE A TWITTER ACCOUNT, ”said the actress.

Also on her Instagram and Greta informed that someone is using her name who is actively immersed in the congressional hearing for ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal.

The actress posted a screenshot to IG of her poser’s fake account. His tweet shows that he called “pigs” to the congressmen who voted “YES” in the rejection of ABS-CBN’s franchise application.

Gretchen captioned her post, “THIS IS A FAKE TWITTER ACCOUNT !!! I Have Not made a single statement regarding congress & abs cbn. ”

If you remember, the audience learned that Gretchen was close to Duterte as well as the Barretto family when she personally went to her father’s grave.

It even became controversial when the Barretto sisters quarreled right in front of the President and did not bother to improve the relationship between the siblings.

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