Governor Jonvic Remulla sinagot ang patutsada ni Robin Padilla

Governor Jonvic Remulla sinagot ang patutsada ni Robin Padilla

Sinagot ni Cavite Gov. Jonvic Remulla ang patutsada ni Robin Padilla kaugnay ng hiling ng opisyal na isama ang mga pamilyang nasa middle class sa social amelioration program ng pamahalaan sa gitna ng #COVID19 pandemic.

Mula sa Facebook Post ni Governor Jonvic Remulla ng Cavite:


” Idol Binoe, please forgive me for the answer I have taken. We have been preparing all day for mass testing of my countrymen in Cavite including our neighbors in Laguna, Quezon, Batangas, and Rizal. Our province has already taken the burden of Covid fight in our region 4-A. Of our five provinces are almost 4,000 PUI, 300 positive, almost 50 died, and 19,000,000 lives have been affected.
Every night my fellow regions don’t think of anything but where to get something to eat, and how to survive Covid-19.

So sad that you are displeased my call to our president. When you are in reality, your heart will bleed for those who are struggling. We don’t think of fighting with anyone. There is no Oligarch, there is no poor, there is no powerful in the eyes of Covid. I just interviewed our president that he might meet the middle class needs. But now you said a tax-break coming for the affected is old size hope that the problem of the majority will be solved.

It is not our intention to add more to the President’s problem. The problem is on his shoulders of more than one hundred million Filipinos. But I can’t turn away from poverty in our streets. Need to give a voice to those who are incompetent to enter Malacanang. There is no take-two in the crisis of Covid. When you get hit hard your life is pack-up shooting. That’s why every day, a practical solution to radical problem is what we seek.

Idol, I can’t take you in the field of action. I am already old and my bones are tough. Hoping we will just cooperate. I will take care of my people. I will fight for them till death. But please don’t waste the people’s time by engaging in talk that does not help. People are suffering. They are hungry. They are insecure about what the future brings. The least we can do is to give them hope of surviving another day and give them the sincerity of service that they expect.

I am one with the President as you are. I serve at his pleasure and I am committed to the people of Cavite.

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