‘Frontliners are right to rest they are not machines ’- Cardinal Tagle

Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle

Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle echoed calls by frontliners or health workers to value relaxation or “timeout.”

In his online recollection for Filipino Frontliners from the Vatican, he said that the call of frontliners to take a break from their work should also be heeded.

According to the group of doctors, they have not really had a break since the issue of COVID-19 spread around the world. All they need is to be able to think of additional strategies to fight the pandemic.

Tagle exemplified that frontliners are also human beings and not a “tool, functionary or machine.”

It reminds us that even a machine must rest for it to last.

His prowess further emphasized that while resting, frontliners should also reflect that what they are doing is a great sacrifice for the people.

According to Cardinal Tagle, it is not only the frontliners who should rest but also those who test positive for coronavirus when taking advantage of rest.

It also saddens the current situation where COVID-19 detainees are simply named “case number” or “patient number.”

The cardinal reminded that these “case numbers” are still people and have names.

If you remember, Pope Francis recently promoted Tagle to the Vatican as Cardinal-Bishop and part of the Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and a member of the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue.

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