Fact-finding investigation into illegal vaccination of PSG personnel has been temporarily suspended by the AFP


The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) first suspended a scheduled fact-finding investigation for Presidential Security Group personnel who injected an unapproved COVID 19 vaccine.

This is the statement of AFP spokesperson MGen Edgard Arevalo this morning.
According to Arevalo, the scheduled fact finding investigation will not continue due to the statement made by President Rodrigo Duterte last night.

Duterte appealed to Congress not to force PSG personnel to testify and defend their immunizations against COVID-19 because PSG personnel did so as “self-preservation.”

First, Arevalo said the AFP fact-finding team consists of 10 people led by the AFP Inspector General.

Arevalo stressed that although it does not cover up the activities of his close-in security teams, the President warned that there would be a ‘crisis’ if PSG was forced to disclose the details of their vaccinations.

It will be recalled that just yesterday, the AFP said they would not consider whether the soldiers who first injected the unapproved COVID-19 vaccine were found to be in violation of the law.

The AFP is a matured and professional organization and if anyone makes a mistake in their ranks, they will not ignore it.

“The AFP Chief General Gilbert Gapay has called-off the scheduled fact-finding investigation today on the vaccination of some PSG personnel.This comes in the light of the recent pronouncement of the Commander-in-Chief and President Rodrigo Duterte,” the statement said. AFP Spokesperson MGen. Arevalo.

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