‘Don’t blame women for rape: Frankie Pangilinan lambasted Ben Tulfo!

‘Don’t blame women for rape: Frankie Pangilinan lambasted Ben Tulfo!

Frankie Pangilinan boldly responded to Ben Tulfo after the TV host said that women should dress up to avoid rape.

Nitong Sabado ay nag-react si Frankie sa naging pahayag ng Lucban, Quezon police station na dapat ay hindi magsuot ng maiikling damit ang mga babae para maiwasan ang sexual harassment.

On Saturday, Frankie reacted to the announcement by the Lucban, Quezon police station that women should not wear short clothes to prevent sexual harassment.

Frankie replied in her tweet.

Ben disagreed with Frankie’s point of view and said that women should dress properly to avoid being raped.

“Hija @kakiep83, a rapist or a juvenile sex offender’s desire to commit a crime will always be there. All they need is an opportunity, when to commit the crime,” said Ben Tulfo, host of the public service show ‘Bitag’. “Sexy ladies, be careful with the way you dress up! You are inviting the beast. ”

Frankie then responds to Ben saying rape culture is true and should not be viewed as an opportunity to harass a woman.

“Rape culture is real and a product of this precise line of thinking, where the behavior is normalized, particularly by men,” Frankie replied.

“The way anyone dresses should not be deemed as ‘opportunity’ to sexually assault them. Ever, ”She said, also accusing Tulfo of calling her hija.

Frankie also spotted Tulfo’s Facebook post calling him a “wannabe smart aleck” and also lured his father, Senator Kiko Pangilinan into the juvenile act.

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