DOH in public: Avoid going and seeking treatment at illegal Chinese clinics

covid-19 update

The Department of Health (DOH) has warned the public not to go and treat unauthorized medical facilities for patients with coronavirus disease.

This is a statement from the department in the midst of the authorities’ crackdown on illegal Chinese clinics treating COVID-19 patients recently.

According to the DOH, public health will only be at risk if these facilities go instead of accredited hospitals.

“DOH continues to reiterate that the public should only seek treatment from licensed health facilities from licensed physicians and healthcare workers, using FDA approved medications and medical devices. Doing otherwise might result in harm, ”he said in a statement.

The department is also coordinating with officials to address the issue in illegal Chinese hospitals.

“Likewise we continue to do contact tracing for all COVID-19 patients and are working with the proper authorities to address these clandestine hospitals,” the agency said.

The DOH also urged the public to report to the authorities these types of facilities.

“While we have not received any reports about clandestine hospitals for Filipino patients, we encourage everyone to report these unlicensed facilities because they endanger our health.”

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