DepEd’s learning module described Angel Locsin as ‘obese:’ It is a teacher-made assessment

Angel Locsin
Angel Locsin
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The Department of Education (DepEd) has apologized after a module containing an example where Angel Locsin was called obese or ‘overweight’ was spread on social media.

According to Roger F. Capa, who serves as the superintendent of the DepEd Division in Occidental Mindoro, their investigation found that the said module was a “teacher-made assessment” and not the work of their Central Office.

The said DepEd official added that a teacher has the freedom to create assessment materials for his students but the situation is different now because their “standards” have not been met.

So far, he said, they have talked to the teacher and they will pay close attention to the incident because they do not tolerate things related to ridicule or bullying.

“We would like to express our sincerest apology to the concerned individuals who may have been offended or harmed by this incident. The Department of Education does not tolerate nor condone any act of body shaming, ad hominem or any similar act of bullying both in the physical and virtual environments, ”Capa said. “Meanwhile, we appeal to the public to spare him from any ad hominem attacks as this single mistake will not define him as a person.”

On the side of the 35-year-old actress, she does not seem satisfied with the department’s defense.

According to Angel, insulting his personality is not a big deal but he is worried about the wrong grammar in such an example.

“Angel Locsin is an obese person. She, together with Coco Martin eats fatty and sweet food in Mang Inasal fast food restaurant most of the time. In her house, she always watches television (sic) and does not have any physical activities. ”

DepEd was even mentioned directly on his Facebook page, where he criticized the agency’s alleged bad behavior.

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