Daryl Ong heats up with a blogger: “Shoo alis! Nangangamoy kalat dito!”

Daryl Ong heats up with a blogger: “Shoo alis! Nangangamoy kalat dito!”

Netizens are now heating up singer Daryl Ong after his Facebook post about COVID-19 spread.

Netizens objected to his seeming blame for the street protesters which is said to be one of the reasons why the number of COVID-19 cases in the country is rising.

Because of this, Daryl’s name became one of the trending topics on Twitter yesterday and he was really criticized for his post on FB.

“Mukhang mag E-ECQ na naman daw?… Ayos, rally pa more guys. [thumbs up emoji],” the singer statused on her FB page. But it is no longer visible in his timeline.

But even though it was deleted, many people were able to screenshot the post, one of them is blogger Keneth Quinto who actually talked to the singer.

He shared on his social media accounts their exchange of Daryl’s message.

The blogger commented on Daryl’s FB post, “Tanga ka? Suportado ng WHO ang mga rally.” That refers to the World Health Organization.

The blogger also posted screenshots of articles from Time.com and npr.org, which show the support of WHO and medical experts for rallyists.

But their strict instructions to the protesters are to still follow all health protocols, especially social distancing and wearing a mask.

This is what the singer turned to the blogger, “Read the status again, read it literally before you react.

This is what the singer turned to the blogger, “Basahin mo yung status ulit, basahin mo ng literal bago ka mag react.

“Dahil mas mukha kang tanga sa comment mo. Defensive ka masyado ulol kang tanga ka.”

The blogger still bravely replied, the blogger answered Daryl and stressed that he read his post carefully and it is clear that he is referring to the reason why the COVID case in the Philippines continues to rise is the rallyists.

But Daryl insisted, “Hindi, assuming ka lang talaga. Again, basahin mo. Para maunawaan mo ng maigi.

“Troll na troll kang bumibisita ka pa ng wall ng iba para magkalat. Shoo alis. Nangangamoy kalat dito,” said Daryl Ong boldly.

Another Twitter user commented,“Daryl Ong, sana ginamit mo yung talento mo sa pagkanta upang maging boses ng naghihirap. Paano yun, health workers na mismo kasama sa rally?”

“Sa tingin mo ba gusto nilang maulanan, maarawan, at lumabas kung okay naman ang lahat? Walang magrarally kung matino yung nasa Malacañang! Napuna mo na ba ang gobyerno sa kapabayaan nila ha?”

In fairness, some defended the controversial singer and agreed with what he said.

It is said that some of those who participated in the rallies held in various parts of the country in opposition to the government in conjunction with President Rodrigo Duterte’s SONA have been infected by COVID.

VIVAFILIPINAS is open to Daryl’s explanation on this issue. We will release it immediately in case he issues an official statement.

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