Community transmission in Santiago City, monitored by DOH

covid-19 update

covid-19 update

SANTIAGO CITY-The City Health Office (CHO) respects the statement made by the Department of Health (DOH) region 2 that Santiago City is among those under surveillance with community transmission cases.

In an interview with Dr. Genaro Manalo, City Health Officer, said that community transmission in the City may have been recorded due to the number of COVID 19 cases recorded per day.

Despite this, the CHO still believes that the recorded cases of the virus in the City are interconnected.

The City Health Officer stressed that CESU thoroughly investigates all those who interact with positive patients.

The reason for the increase in the number of positives in COVID-19 Santiago City is the mass testing conducted as a preventive measure by the office to identify possible carriers of the virus.

It is suspected that the positive vendors got the Virus from travelers outside the Santiago City market.

Vendors in the old public market are also scheduled to undergo mass testing once the testing in the new public market ends.

A total of 479 market vendors from New Public Market underwent SWAB test.

Of that number 132 were from the 1st batch, 171 were from the 2nd batch while 176 people were taken by the swab test in the 3rd batch still waiting for the result.

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