West Philippines Sea

Chinese Research Vessel still enters the country’s EEZ – NOLCOM

West Philippines Sea

Northern Luzon Command (NOLCOM) Commander LtGen.Arnulfo Burgos confirmed that Chinese Research vessels are still circulating in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of the Philippines.

According to Burgos, when they monitor a ship, they immediately challenge it, reminding them that they are in the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines.

Burgos said they have a list of so-called concerned ships entering the country’s EEZ.

He said, due to the equipment that Nolcom has, it quickly monitors the presence of foreign ships entering the country’s EEZ.

According to information obtained by Nolcom, a Chinese Research vessel that entered Philippine territory was conducting a survey on the “ocean floor”.

Burgos stressed that they want to further extend their monitoring stations in the area especially the Littorial monitoring stations and Littoral monitoring detachments.

The maritime cafgus in the norther Luzon area is also a big help in their intelligence monitoring.

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