Bocaue Mayor Joni dies while serving the town – Joel Villanueva

Bocaue Mayor Joni dies while serving the town – Joel Villanueva

Although her immune system is weak, suffering from illness, Joni Villanueva is relentless in helping her countrymen in Bocaue, Bulacan.

Senator Joel VIllanueva, Joni’s brother, said the mayor’s immune system was weak but still chose to come out to provide security to his constituents.

“She got this vasculitis this January, compromising her immune system. Unfortunately, during lockdown she feels she needs to go out and personally check everything, ”Villanueva said.

“Infection crept in and cost her life. She literally died because of her passion to serve her people, without fanfare, ”he said.

Joel is deeply saddened by the loss of his closest sister, following the death of their mother, Dory.

“She’s closest to me among my siblings, she would visit the Senate and would always be in awe [of] how we can serve our country and people,” stated the senator.

“This is worse than the worst feeling. She left four kids, three years old youngest who asked me last night, ‘What happened to mommy?’ I never thought na posible pa lang kidlatan ng dalawang beses ang isang puso.”

Mayor Joni died of sepsis caused by bacterial pneumonia on Thursday.

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