Binara si Sen. Bato! Dj Chacha bashes Bato on his loyalty to the president

MANILA, Philippines – Radio host Czarina Marie Balba, popularly known as DJ Chacha, urged Senator Ronald dela Rosa to resign from the Senate and instead “apply” to be the President’s body guard.

‘DO YOUR JOB.’ The radio CJ chides Senator Ronald dela Rosa for his apparent loyalty to the President, above all. Photo from DJ Chacha’s Twitter

(I suggest that Senator Bato resign as senator and apply as bodyguard of the President since his loyalty is to the President and not the Filipino.)

“’Yan ang mahirap kapag mahilig kayong bumoto ng mga politikong PUPPET ang role sa gobyerno. ‘Wag kang umasa na marunong silang tumayo at ipaglaban ang tama kase nagfufunction ang utak nila alinsunod sa pinuno nila,” she added.

(This is what happens when you keep on voting for politicians who are puppets of the government. Don’t expect them to have their own stand and to fight for what’s right because they function according to their leader’s orders.)

She was reacting to Dela Rosa’s statement on President Rodrigo Duterte’s threat to terminate the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) and against media giant ABS-CBN’s legislative franchise renewal. Balba is a DJ of MOR, which is under ABS-CBN.

Dela Rosa, Duterte’s first police chief, was also in the spotlight as the revocation of his US visa had infamously triggered Duterte to threaten – and later carry out – the termination of the long-standing military pact between the US and the Philippines.

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