“Basel” – The Hungry Syrian Wanderer Gives Out Thousands of Free Meals for Taal Evacuees

A Syrian  Vlogger “Basel” is helping victims of Taal Volcano’s phreatic eruption that deeply affected the province of Batangas by distributing free meals by cooking 1000+ pcs Chicken Wings for “Chicken Kabsa”, a famous Syrian dish (very similar to Chicken Biryani, if familiar).

On January 19, Sunday, Basel shared a video over his Youtube Channel “The Hungry Syrian Wanderer” of himself cooking 1000+ Chicken Wings for taal evacuations to deliver meals to people camped out in an evacuation area across Batangas.

Taal Volcano’s Phreatic Eruption left a lot of devastation in its wake. But out of the bad, there are definitely stories of good. Like “Basel” A Syrian Vlogger has fed survivors over 1000+ pcs Chicken Wings for “Chicken Kabsa” so far!

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