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Arnold Clavio is the father of Sarah Balabagan’s eldest son

Arnold Clavio and Sarah Balabahan
Arnold Clavio is the father of Sarah Balabagan’s eldest son

The controversial confession of then-OFW Sarah Balabagan is now trending on social media. This is after she admitted on her Facebook live her relationship with news anchor Arnold Clavio.

Sarah Balabagan, became A Companion Of Arnold Clavio. Clavio was kind to her and taught her things that were new to Balabagan, such as going to Manila and watching a movie. The two had a relationship despite the fact that Clavio already had a wife.

Balabagan admitted that Clavio was the real father of her eldest son. They kept it a secret to avoid scandal and not tarnish their reputation in public. Clavio taught Balabagan, never to admit their relationship no matter what. Because Balabagan was so young at the time, she was convinced by it.

The two hide their relationship, even though the rumor spread that the two of them had a relationship, the issue immediately disappeared due to the covering of the people around them. As a result, the people who helped Balabagan were the real father of her eldest son.

According to Balabagan, she has been moving on for a long time. So she only spoke today to end the issue. She also wants to clear the names of the people involved in the issue due to covering them up. She added that she also apologized to Clavio’s wife for a long time and she forgave her.

Clavio is now facing criticism from netizens. According to them, Clavio is pretentious and exploitative. He allegedly pretended to help Balabagan but it was also exploitative. It is also hypocritical due to its criticism of the administration even though he also has a hidden stench that is now smelly.

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