A student from Santiago City hanged himself and died due to an unfinished module

A student from Santiago City hanged himself and died due to an unfinished module
A student from Santiago City hanged himself and died due to an unfinished module

SANTIAGO  CITY – CAUAYAN CITY – The family of a 14-year-old student in Santiago City who committed suicide by hanging himself due to missing modules because his gadget was damaged. His family is mourning for his passing.

The apparent reason for the grade 9 suicide was the allegedly unfinished module, his parents said

In an interview, the young man’s grandfather said that they were still having a happy dinner on January 13, 2021 and that the grandson was leading the prayer before they ate. After they ate, the student went straight to his room to finish the module ordered by his mother.

The grandfather allegedly did not think that his grandson was planning something else because after he woke up at two in the morning due to the barking of the dogs, his grandson also woke up and they had coffee together before going back to sleep.

The grandfather woke up again at around five in the morning yesterday, January 14, 2021, to his great surprise when he saw his grandson hanging from the ceiling of the house.

The young man used a rope to hang himself. According to some relatives of the young man, his gadget was damaged so it is possible that he had difficulty answering the modules. This may be the reason why he did not finish some modules he had to research the answer using the gadget.

Meanwhile, in an interview with the student’s mother, she said that depression may have caused her son to commit suicide due to unanswered modules. She even told his son to finish answering his modules which he had not answered because of his teacher’s message.
The mother added that the teacher would have liked to talk to her son around nine o’clock yesterday morning, January 14, 2021 because of the modules he did not answer so she told him to wake up early and wait for his teacher’s call.
He does not put pressure on his son because he is confident in his ability especially and he is the one who teaches them and his younger siblings.
However, her son wants to return to face-to-face classes because he is learning more here.
He did not think this would happen to his son because he had been active in the past few days.
He wished it would serve as a lesson to parents, teachers and students.

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